Sunday, December 30, 2007

Diegem and Beyond

Today we all raced in Diegem. The course is in a very urban area so it winds its way through alleys and around soccer fields. It has a lot pavement and it makes for a very tough race. I didn't have my best race of the camp to say the least. I think that the amount of racing is starting to catch up with me. Eric had a pretty good race. Ian also put in a solid effort and looks to be recovering well from his thumb injury.

The other day we found a new coffee shop in Kortrijk that is much more high end than our previoulsy visited establishment. They did have some good coffee though and it had me pretty pumped up on the ride home. We decided to stop at the playgound on the way home and Ian managed to capture this action shot. We have two more races left. One in Baal and one in St. Niklaas.


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