Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resting, Resting, and a Little More Resting

On today's easy day, we rode to a town northwest of Izegem named Roselare. To our dissappointment, it was pretty much the stereotypical, midsize Belgian town. This pretty much consists of 40 bakeries, 35 bars, 20 butcher shops, and a couple of clothing and grocery stores. To get there, we rode alongside what we had dubbed "the canal". We met up with some fellow cross camp riders along the way and rode half-way back on some busy industrial roads and jumped back to the canal as soon as we could.

After coming back to the house and cleaning up, we ate lunch and worked on resting. Not many people know this, but resting is extremely hard, strenuous work that is taxing on the mind and the bum. Steve and Ian are racing tommorrow in Loenhout, but I'm taking the day off and doing some more heavy resting in preparation for Diegem on Sunday. Sitting around isn't too bad, but the monotony is what bores me the most. This is how a good five hours of my day looks like...

One of these days, I may get enough motivation to get my school work done.

Well anyways, Ian and Steve are quite pumped to race tommorrow, but it mostly Ian, as he shows here

I'm off to bed, for all this resting has really tired me out.

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big daddy said...

sleep well my friend, and dream of large women(princess bride)