Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sun and Cyclocross in the Same Sentence?

Well Steve and I finally have made it to Europe again. Both our flights were thankfully uneventful. Our rendevous wth Nick was definately the highlight of his week for his 5 week stay in Belgium has changed him. All of us were completely expecting to find Italy to be as depressing and gray as Belgium had been, but the sun is omnipresent and there isn't a cloud in the sky. I almost put on some shorts, but it was a little too cold.
The food has also been surpassing my expectations. The hotel does a good job feeding the team. We get two 3 course meals a day. It is quite posh. I think I'll gain some weight before the end of this trip. Yesterday, Nick was having some problems getting vegetarian meals, but after some exstensive converstations and mis-understanding between the hotel staff and Ken Whelpdale, he is now recieving better meals than what the rest of us are getting.
The riding has also been exceptional. The whole U-23 team and Juniors went out to the foothills of the Dolomites for a good spin. Everything is picturesque. I love the riding out here.

We're going to ride the course now, that we've heard is really fast and dry. More later.





IT said...

Sweeeeet. Looks so nice!!!

Glad the flights were ok even though I heard that our man Aki at NW didn't quite come through with the bike costs.

Throw down on Saturday.


Ronald said...

You are sexy. Send me your nekkid photos.