Friday, January 11, 2008

Texas Headwind.

Hey everyone,
Thing's in Belgium are going great!
Had a hard race on Monday in Otegem, Belgium finished 22nd some big names showed up, Erwin Vervecken, Sven Nys the 2008 Belgium National champion and some more pro guys. The curse was hard with a super long start on pavement then right onto cobbles with the rest of the course on grass with super long mud sections.

Life at the house is going great everything is working and the weather has been nice, Did 3:30 ride yesterday east toward some of the classic climbs of the tour of Flanders like the Kwaremont and koppenberg see pic's below. On the way there the wind was blowing like summer time in Texas, we even got a little help in the headwind from a big tractor pulling a trailer for about 20min at 20mph it was sweet cars are driving by and no one was hassling us.

Enjoy the pictures, Nick


eric said...

yo nick, there is a UCI Trials World Cup in Kortjrick if you are interested on the 18-20. that'd be cool to hit up

radracetech said...

Good job and keep the blog updates coming, we all want to know how things are going.

Anonymous said...

Nick, have a great month, good luck at all the races....the HB guys are cheering for you.

cripplesticks said...


Your livin my dream. Keep up the good work, train hard and go like hell at the worlds. We are all cheering for you guys here in Olympia.