Friday, January 4, 2008

Day #2

Hey Everyone.
Went out for a nice little ride about 2:00hrs around the country side and through some cool roads and trails. The two pic's at bottom are from the skate park a couple of day ago.


chris and hollie mcgovern said...

how much air did you get in the bowl?

Eva T. said...

Happy New Year Nick and thanks for keeping up the blog single-handedly. From Ian's reports sounds like a great time you all had at camp. Your pictures make me homesick - the light, the landscape is much like Denmark. Yes, when you grow up in that dreary a climate you can actually come to love it! Now you see why the Belgians and the Danes eat and drink so much.........
Best of luck to you at Worlds,

Rad Racer said...

Well chris that time it was about 3ft... Well it was a huge bowl and the day befor a worldCup so I tried to keep it in the park.

Rad Racer said...

Hey Eva,

The camp was super FUN!! The weather is ok I like the SUN and warm water... But some rain and snow are great for cross.

The blog is going great,I enjoy puting up pictures for all to see.


Bing said...

awesome shot in the bowl!